London Month of the Dead


Yet again those wonderful folk at Antique Beat and A Curious Invitation have put together another fantastic array of events for the London Month of the Dead in October. Subterranean Sanctuaries, Cryogenics, Magic Lanterns, Phantoms, Post-Mortem Photography, Taxidermy, Torchlit cemetery walks, Forensics, Victorian Mourning, Past Life regression, Maggots, Murder, Mortuaries and of course…Hendricks Gin!

Plus 20% of all tickets sold is donated to restoration work at both Brompton and Kensal Green Cemeteries.

Click here to see the full schedule and to buy tickets and hopefully, we’ll see you there!


Walking with the Dead – An Archaeologist’s View of the Deceased

Holy Trinity Church Lambley Nottinghamshire James Wright

Graveyard in Holy Trinity Church, Lambley, Nottinghamshire, UK. – Credit to James Wright

To celebrate his up coming talk at the London Fortean Society event ‘The Haunted Landscape: British Folklore, Ghosts and Magic’ this weekend, archaeologist James Wright has kindly written a post for us on what it’s like to work with the dead in a professional capacity.
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