The Big Three, Paris

cemetery paris montparnasse mausoleum

Much like the Magnificent Seven Cemeteries of London, Paris also has its own collection of large garden cemeteries. Often referred to as ‘The Big Three‘ these cemeteries were built on what was once the outskirts of Paris with a similar historical evolution to their London counterparts.
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The Catacombs of Paris

skulls paris cataombs death

“Dequelque coté que tu tournes la mort est aux aguets”
“Whichever way you turn, death is on the lookout”

In the underbelly of Paris, below the water and waste pipes and Metro tunnels is a place that stays at a constant temperature of 14°C and attracts over 300,000 visitors a year.
I first felt the need to visit The Catacombs of Paris after watching the film ‘As Above, So Below’ which mixed my fascination with the intriguing tale of Nicolas Flamel (more about him in a later post) as well as my love of history and horror. Having been to Paris before and done all of the touristy things a plan to go back and do the ‘alternative history of Paris’ was hatched!
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